Woman devours 37 hot dogs to win Independence Day eating contest

Ten-time and defending Nathan's Famous Men's Champion Joey Chestnut center participates in Nathan's Famous International Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest weigh-in at the Empire State Building on Tuesday

Nathan's Famous Hot Dog-Eating Contest to Air Live July 4 on ESPN2

The contest is held annually on New York's Coney Island, and it has been going on every Fourth of July since 1972, according to Nathan's website, which adds that the contest typically brings over 40,000 fans out to watch the spectacle. The champion eater, who once again won the coveted Mustard Yellow International Belt and a $10,000 cash prize, beat out Cincotti by a whopping 10 hot dogs after chowing down at a pace of about seven hot dogs and sopping wet buns per minute. This year, Chestnut ate 74 hot dogs in 10 minutes, achieving a new world record. CEO Eric Gatoff talks about how the company is celebrating a century of feeding NY, how it keeps up with increased competition, and the right way to dress a hot dog.

Every year on July 4, the hot dog brand Nathan's Famous hosts a hot dog eating contest at their Coney Island home, a spot that TIME has previously called the "spiritual home of the USA hot dog".

And it's not just the hot dogs either - it's the buns as well.

She took first place by eating 37 hot dogs in 10 minutes.

Competitive Eater Joey "Jaws" Chestnut outlasted 20 other competitors to retain his Nathan's Famous July Fourth Hot Dog Eating title in NY.

That appeared to pay off Wednesday, as Chestnut outpaced his 20 challengers in the competition's 102th year.

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What's the Fourth of July without a hot dog? Not only was a world record set, but the betting community was flipped on its head.

Kristina won a regional qualifier in Syracuse, New York, by eating 6 1/2 hot dogs, while René earned a return ticket by downing 6 hot dogs in Norfolk, Virginia.

"I doubt we can put the microchip on the tongue or in the esophagus", he said. She will be back this year for her fifth round.

But that wasn't enough competition for Scott, who was eating hot dogs three at a time, coming in as the clear victor after quickly eating a total of seven. He continued to stretch the lead down the stretch, though at a slower pace, finishing with 74 hot dogs, a dominant, 11-hot-dog-and-bun margin over second-place finisher Carmen Cincotti.

That's four shy of her total past year.

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