Zsa Zsa, 'World's Ugliest Dog' from Anoka, dies

Zsa Zsa an English bulldog who won the title of

Zsa Zsa an English bulldog who won the title of"World's Ugliest Dog in California last month died Monday night in her sleep

Zsa Zsa's owner, Megan Brainard of Anoka, Minnesota, announced the death on Facebook and said the beloved pooch died in her sleep. He says she appeared fine the day before, so it was a shock.

Zsa Zsa was named the victor of the 2018 World's Ugliest Dog contest in the San Francisco Bay Area in June.

The nine-year-old rescue pup won for her lolling tongue and protruding teeth. "Sweetest dog I've ever met".

Zsa Zsa was rescued from a puppy mill in Missouri at five years old and subsequently adopted by Megan who discovered her on PetFinder. Her owner was awarded $1,500 for Zsa Zsa's win.

She won the 30th annual contest in the San Francisco Bay Area on June 23.

According to CNN, Zsa Zsa, the victor of the 30th annual World's Ugliest Dog Contest has died just weeks after receiving her title.

'I picked Zsa Zsa up and took her outside and laid her down in the grass.

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"She is just so ugly, she's attractive", Brainard told The New York Times last month.

Zsa Zsa, the World's Ugliest Dog, has, sadly, become the world's ugliest angel dog.

Brainard found Zsa Zsa on a pet-finding website.

"From the moment we saw her handsome face, we knew we would be her forever home", Brainard said last month after the big win.

"She knew she was special", Brainard told the Today show.

Zsa Zsa's family held a farewell ceremony for her in their back yard.

The objective of the contest is to raise awareness of pet adoption.

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