China's Huawei passes Apple in smartphone share for first time

OnePlus 6 sales helped OnePlus beat Samsung in India’s premium market

China's Huawei says first-half revenue rises 15 percent to $47.7 billion

Likewise, another research firm Canalys, in its latest market report on smartphones for Q2 2018 published on 31 July, also ranked Hauwei at number two with 54 million shipments, ahead of Apple which shipped 41 million smartphones during the same quarter. And despite its $999 price tag, the handset has continued to remain the most popular iPhone every quarter since its release past year. Still, OnePlus, Samsung and Apple have a controlling 88% share of the premium segment. The company said the 2018 target plan is 200 million units (in Chinese).

"The continued growth of Huawei is impressive, to say the least, as is its ability to move into markets where, until recently, the brand was largely unknown", said Ryan Reith, program vice president at IDC.

Samsung retained the smartphone crown but lost ground to upstart Huawei by shipping 73 million units, an 8 percent decline year-over year.

Huawei's introduction of new top-end features into its flagship smartphones has allowed the firm to gain brand recognition in Europe and Asia, according to IHS Markit. Smartphone Company Highlights ● Samsung once again remained the leader in the worldwide smartphone market despite a 10.4% decline in shipments from past year.

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China has an incredibly valuable smartphone market with shipments estimated at 100million in the second quarter of this year.

Apple on the other hand had a weak second quarter as demand for its iPhone 8 and iPhone X begin to taper off due to seasonality and challenges in terms of pricing post duty increase. It continues to lead the China smartphone market with a record-high market share of 27.0% in 2Q18. This, as Samsung itself admits, can be credited to "sluggish" sales of its Galaxy S9, which has reportedly suffered the lowest sales of any flagship Samsung smartphone since 2012's Galaxy S3.

"Huawei's momentum will obviously concern Samsung, but it should also serve as a warning to Apple, which needs to ship volume to support its growing services division", Stanton said in a statement. This model carries a price tag of Rs 44,999. The Chinese companies have been at the forefront of outing unique handsets with sliding cameras or in-display finger scanners this year, so we wouldn't put it past them to surprise a juggernaut like Samsung.

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