Dershowitz: 'Less Bad' For McGahn to Testify Than for Trump To

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President Trump's authorization of full cooperation was done when it was the White House's goal to conclude the Mueller investigation as quickly as possible.

Trump - who had already addressed the issue late Saturday - stepped up his attacks on the story and the probe in a series of angry morning tweets, slamming The New York Times for implying that McGahn had turned on him. "I have nothing to hide", Trump wrote in one tweet. He ultimately cooperated with prosecutors and helped bring down the Nixon presidency, though he served a prison term for obstruction of justice.

Trump tweeted, claiming in another tweet that the Mueller probe was "McCarthyism at its WORST!". Fate is never kind to bunglers and/or botchers!

In several interviews, McGahn described Trump's fury toward special counsel Mueller's probe into Russian election interference and links between the president's campaign and Moscow, according to the Times.

ABC News reported earlier this year that McGahn was among the White House staffers who were against any notion of President Trump's firing of special counsel Robert Mueller last June when the president wanted to do just that, a source said.

"The president encouraged him to testify, is happy that he did, is quite secure that there is nothing in the testimony that will hurt the president", Giuliani said on NBC's "Meet the Press".

Trump's former personal lawyer, John Dowd, told Reuters on Saturday he was aware McGahn had spoken extensively with Mueller's team.

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While the claims seemed quite stunning at the time, many people still believed McCarthy.

Joseph McCarthy (R-WI), a odd analysis, given that Trump and McCarthy shared a lawyer, Roy Cohn, and given that, unlike McCarthy, Mueller has made nearly no public statements about his work outside of court.

On Sunday, he compared Mueller with 1950s-era U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy, whose anti-Communist crusade eventually led to his censure by the Senate.

Joseph McCarthy "look like a baby".

"I have nothing to hide. and have demanded transparency so that this Rigged and Disgusting Witch Hunt can come to a close".

Mr. Trump repeated that there's been "no collusion and no obstruction" on his part, and instead blamed "crooked" Democrats including Hillary Clinton as well as former members of the intelligence community.

"The meeting was originally for the objective of getting information about Clinton", he said, adding that the Trump team didn't know that Natalia Veselnitskaya was Russian - even though emails later released by Trump Jr. show that she had been described as a "Russian government attorney". "The president wrongly believed that Mr. McGahn would act as a personal lawyer would for clients and exclusively defend his interests to investigators, according to a person with knowledge of his thinking".

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