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Trump, watching a replay of the OH native's interview with CNN, derided the intelligence of one of America's most prominent African-American men in a tweet. He made Lebron look smart, which isn't easy to do.

Back in February, LeBron James gave an interview to ESPN's Cari Champion in which he discussed race, politics, being a public figure and his personal criticisms of President Trump. If President Trump, if he's the one who has the finger on the pulse of this country. "Most of America, anyway, not all of America".

Mr. Trump responded by taking a shot at Mr. James' and Mr. Lemon's intelligence while seemingly choosing Mr. Jordan in the ongoing debate about whether Mr. James or Mr. Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. The CNN host noted that Trump calls anthem-kneelers protesting racial injustice "sons of bitches", yet he referred to the white supremacists of Charlottesville as "very fine people". After the Nazi gathering resulted in one of the white supremacists driving his auto through a crowd of counter protesters, killing Heather Heyer, the president said in a speech that there were "very fine people on both sides". "These are the "very fine people" in the president's eyes", Lemon said.

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"Let me not mince words here", Lemon said on CNN Tonight, looking directly into the camera and delivering his monologue with a steady, calm demeanor - "this president traffics in racism and is fueled by bullying".

Menendez tweeted out a thread that included references to Trump's disparaging remarks about Mexican immigrants during his campaign kickoff speech for the Republican presidential nomination and the president's repeated claim that California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters, who is black, is "low IQ". Is he revealing who we really are?

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