Obama: Former President Gets Showered with Birthday Love from Hollywood!

Illinois Celebrates First Annual 'Barack Obama Day'

Illinois celebrates first official 'Barack Obama Day'

Today is Barack Obama's 57th birthday and the former POTUS was feeling the love on Twitter from his loving wife Michelle Obama and bromantic lunch date partner, former Vice President Joe Biden.

State lawmakers unanimously passed the law previous year to designate each August 4 as a commemorative holiday to celebrate the 44th president, whose political career began in IL.

President Trump recently spoke at a rally in Pennsylvania with candidate for U.S. Senate Lou Barletta. He served two terms as president, from January 20, 2009, until January 20, 2017.

It was not immediately clear what exact numbers Trump was referring to in claiming improvement over his predecessor, but if his remark was in reference to approval ratings at this point in his presidency relative to Obama's, his tweet would be incorrect.

During his tenure, Obama championed marriage equality, regulated against LGBTQ-based employment discrimination, and created protections for gay and transgender students.

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Sharing a photo of her husband overlooking a scenic landscape, Michelle took to her social media to wish her man a happy birthday with a special post to Obama. He began the first of two terms in the White House in 2009. As noted by the sfgate.com, during his time in office, he signed many landmark bills into law, including the Affordable Care Act.

Barack Obama was the first Black American man to hold the position of President of the United States.

Nancy Pelosi wrote: "Happy birthday, President @BarackObama!". "Last week's trip to Dog Tag Bakery was no different".

On the other hand, as the TheWrap noted, James Woods, one of the entertainment industry's most vocal conservatives, shared a tweet dissing Obama for his Nobel Prize.

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