Trump lashes out after newspapers respond to his attacks

Hundreds Of Newspapers Are Challenging Trump's Attacks: 'We Are Not The Enemy’

US Newspapers Hit Back At Donald Trump Over 'Fake News' Claims

More than 350 newspapers across America, large and small, responded to Trump's relentless attacks on much of the mainstream media as "fake news" and the "enemy of the people". Led by The Boston Globe, members of the mainstream media chose to publish dozens of editorials defending their work and their constitutional right to exist.

The Boston Globe is leading the charge.

More than 300 papers are on the same page, with plans to publish their own editorials Thursday.

"For more than two centuries - since the birth of our nation - the press has served as a check on power, informing the American people about corruption and greed, triumphs and tragedies, grave mistakes and misdeeds and even ineptitude and dysfunction", wrote the Albuquerque Journal in New Mexico.

He assured the public he supported freedom of the press but criticized them for pushing "fake news".

The resolution text was released the same day 350 newspapers ran editorials created to push back on Trump's criticisms of the media.

"There is nothing that I would want more for our Country than true FREEDOM OF THE PRESS", Trump's tweet said. "I truly believe that America always solves its problems and combating risky and irresponsible attacks on journalism is no exception", Schumer said in a statement.

That followed this tweet from the president: "THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA IS THE OPPOSITION PARTY". He once fumed, the New York Times reported, because a TV on Air Force One was tuned to CNN.

Since taking office past year, Trump has repeatedly criticised the press, often referring to certain outlets as "fake news". "They don't report it".

"Trump quipped that reporters had the "freedom of the press" to decide whether or not to attend the remainder of the Cabinet briefing, offering them a chance to stay for the full meeting".

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"What makes Trump's undermining of the press worse is that it's not taking place in bureaucracy's backrooms". "But news organizations do not play in that dark playground".

"We all - as citizens - have a stake in this fight, and the battle lines seem pretty clear". I am providing a great service by explaining this to the American People. Your family? Or you?

The paper on Wednesday published an editorial headlined "Journalists are not the Enemy".

"This Globe-sponsored coordinated editorial response is sure to backfire", Shafer wrote on Tuesday.

Neither did the Los Angeles Times. Correcting them is core to our job. The push was organized by the Boston Globe and the Guardian added its voice to the mass press protest.

"For more than two centuries, this foundational American principle has protected journalists at home and served as a model for free nations overseas".

Trump doubled down on his criticism on Thursday in a fresh, three-part tweetstorm attacking the media.

What have the newspapers said? "We stand with our colleagues", the paper's editorial board wrote.

That last sentiment made some journalists skittish.

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