YouTube Has Removed A TERRIFYING Ad For 'The Nun' After Viewers Complained

Taissa Farmiga

‘The Nun’ Jump Scare Teaser Has Been Pulled For Violating YouTube’s ‘Shocking Content Policy’

YouTube has plunged a viral film trailer for The Nun into darkness following complaints from viewers who had been scared witless by the tried and true jump-scare tactics of its producers.

As the abundance of ads on the service have numbed most users to ignore many of these ads, one Twitter user took it upon themselves to warn all of social media about the clues that a loud, horrifying noise was about to take over their screen. The six-second ad shows first a volume control icon and then a startling appearance by the movie's demon-Nun.

Issuing a warning to anyone who has "anxiety or just straight up hate jump scares", the user advised people to look away or turn down the volume of the teaser if it appears while watching a video. If you dare head to the cinema to watch it.

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The ad, which was autoplaying before random, unrelated videos on the site, saw YouTube inundated with complaints from viewers who said watching it almost gave them a heart attack.

While the ad may not go entirely against the company's policy, the jump scare element lines up with the "intention of shock or scare", which prompted YouTube to immediately take it down. "We value diversity and respect for others, and we strive to avoid offending or shocking users with ads, websites, or apps that are inappropriate for our ad network", YouTube said. The company noted that the released ad violated their ban on shocking content in promotions.

The Nun is the latest horror film to be spun off from the Conjuring movies. In the wake of the tragedy, a priest with a haunted past and a novitiate on the threshold of her final vows are sent by the Vatican to investigate. Demian Bichir, Taissa Farmiga, and Jonas Bloquet star. Together, they uncover the order's unholy secret.

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