'60 Minutes' Chief Fager Fired From CBS After Violating Policy

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"I was never sexually harassed or attacked by Les Moonves", she wrote in her guest column titled "Not All Harassment Is Sexual".

We learned the answer to that question on Wednesday: Jeff Fager, who ran "60 Minutes" for 14 years as executive producer, found himself the subject of a journalistic investigation, as opposed to its agent.

CBS News president David Rhodes announced Wednesday that Fager was leaving the company effective immediately, saying he had violated company policy.

The text message from Fager represents an attempt to pull rank and intimidate a reporter, something that surely happens to investigative reporters all the time at CBS News.

On Sunday, Les Monves (right) resigned as CEO of CBS for a string of sexual misconduct allegations. By the end of the day on Sunday, he was officially out as CEO.

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"If you repeat these false accusations without any of your own reporting to back them up you will be held responsible for harming me", Fager allegedly wrote in the text, according to Duncan. The writer/producer said it always seemed that the CBS boss enjoyed telling her he was turning her shows down and she later found out that he refused to give her scripts to any CBS stars he had under contract. "One such note should not result in termination after 36 years, but it did". CBS had no immediate comment on his characterization of the action.

Veteran "60 Minutes" correspondent Steve Kroft called Fager's message to Duncan threatening and inappropriate. "This whole situation saddens me deeply".

CBS launched an investigation into Fager over the summer. The New Yorker reported that he had groped women and allowed a "boy's club" atmosphere at the newsmagazine, which he has denied. Other former CBS employees have said Fager touched employees in ways that made them uncomfortable at parties. She also claims that Fager told her to apologize to the other producer to "mitigate conflict in the office". He was appointed in 2004 to succeed founding executive Don Hewitt.

He worked to modernize the broadcast and uphold its standards during a changing of the guard from the show's original cast of figures like Mike Wallace, Morley Safer and Andy Rooney. At least a dozen women came forward to accuse Moonves of sexual misconduct in a pair of New Yorker articles authored by Farrow. Rhodes was then brought in as news president, taking over full management of the news division when Fager went back to exclusively running "60 Minutes".

'Bill Owens will manage the 60 Minutes team as Ingrid Ciprian-Matthews and I begin the search for a new executive producer of the program'.

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