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Apple's event was held at the Steve Jobs Theater at its new circular headquarters in Cupertino, California, named after the company's co-founder who wowed the world with the first iPhone in 2007.

It is positioning the new watch as a more comprehensive health device, able to take an electrocardiogram to detect an irregular heartbeat and start an emergency call automatically if it detects a user falling down, potentially appealing to older customers.

The tension builds and we will keep you posted throughout the entire "Gather Round" event, as it unfolds. That makes the Apple Watch Series 4 the first over-the-counter ECG product ever. The adoption of an "s" shouldn't be surprising as it follows the standard naming conventions of other iPhone iterations. The original iPhone X is now $200 cheaper.

In terms of the iPhone XR release date, you'll be able to pre-order it from September 14, and pick it up in stores from September 21.

For some countries, including Greece and Andorra, the device will begin shipping a week after that on 28 September. The iPhone KHS will also be a version with two SIM cards for some countries. The device will launch in the United Kingdom and USA on the earlier 21 September date.

That's not because it does anything particularly wonderful, but because it's going to be the more accessible version (price-wise) of the fancy iPhone XS.

Both the iPhone XS and XS Max are available in three sizes - 64GB, 256GB and 512GB.

The XS starts from £999. To signify the even larger screen, Apple is likely to give the phone a new name: "iPhone Xs Max", according to people familiar with Apple's internal deliberations.

The camera on the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max also got a big upgrade.

iPhone XS design: What does the 2nd-gen iPhone X look like?

Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty is positive on Apple ahead of the iPhone launches. It'll be made from surgical-grade stainless steel.

In particular, the introduction of more-durable glass on the new iPhones "is a plus for all users", Goldstein said. The former two devices will be the long-awaited OLED panel iPhones.

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Externally, the novelty will resemble the iPhone X and will be released in three basic colors: gold, space grey and silver.

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It's a 12MP sensor on the rear, with the front packing the TrueDepth camera for facial unlocking and selfies, and while Apple didn't make a big deal about the functionality on stage it'll be equally as good as that seen on the iPhone 8 a year ago, which was far from bad. The 7-megapixel front-facing camera got a big upgrade as well.

A lot was revealed about the Smart HDR in the camera as well, which aids in taking pictures.

That's all we know for now, but we will know more soon.

If the speculation pans out, the even-bigger iPhone would represent Apple's attempt to feed consumers' appetite for increasingly bigger screens as they rely on smartphones to watch and record video, as well as take photos wherever they are. The fact that the iPhone X only stuck around for one year, however, is a bit of a surprise considering it had such a heavy influence on the industry with its notch and button-shunning Face ID technology.

Various sensors in the top-bar of the device, including a Infrared camera, a proximity sensor and an ambient light sensor, will recognise your face when you pick up the device, and unlock it for you. "I would expect the announcement to reinforce the perception that Apple has no choice but to demonstrate it can reduce its dependency on iPhone sales". It is not clear if this functionality will return to the devices.

Some say that the newest iPhone to come around will be Apple's largest and heaviest model, weighing in at 7.34 ounces. Travelers will be happy to hear they'll have more bands for better roaming and dual SIM capabilities to support multiple plans and two phone numbers on one device.

Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice-president of software engineering, had said at the WWDC here that the company had "doubled down" on performance on iOS 12, saying that apps can launch up to 40 per cent faster, the camera starts up to 70 per cent quicker and the keyboard appears up to 50 per cent faster, among other under-the-hood improvements plus more responsive typing.

Well, it seems that has indeed come to pass, with the new Liquid Retina display that Apple's developed for the model. The leaks only point towards Silicone, Leather, and Leather Folio cases for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, however, and none yet for the iPhone XR. To watch online broadcast will be on the official Apple website, only in Safari on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and also through the Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10.

The cheaper iPhone is never the most interesting one, but it's often the volume driver - and you could make a good few arguments that the iPhone XR will do just that.

The only other difference is the screen size which we touched on earlier.

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