Amazon’s 8 new Alexa-powered devices to launch before the year’s end

Google Home Hub Features A 7-inch Touch Display; Comes With Google Assistant

Google Home Hub leaks, set to face off against Amazon Echo Show

Naturally our interest is particularly piqued by the new audio products which we suppose marks Amazon's grand entrance into "hi-fi".

People buy Amazon Echo for the novelty and convenience of talking to their house.

The refreshed Amazon Echo Show has a more streamlined look than the original, ditching the speaker bar below the screen for just a front-facing display lined by thinner bezels.

Just like the previous-generation devices, the new Echo Dot and Echo Plus will be priced at $49.99 and $129.99 respectively.

The Echo Input: For those of you who want to give your current powered speakers Alexa capabilities, the $34.99 Echo Input is for you.

The sub is a £119.99 device that sits alongside your existing speakers to add bass and, presumably, cause a sense of rising panic for executives working for Sonos, Bose or any other high-end audio manufacturer.

Google Home Hub Features A 7-inch Touch Display; Comes With Google Assistant
Google Home Hub leaks, looks like a mashup of a tablet and the Google Home Max

At £75 (US$96), it seems like a fairly affordable way to make your Echo sound better, if you're already invested in the Alexa ecosystem. Earlier this week, in fact, it announced a deal with Audi: the new e-tron electric SUV will have Alexa integrated so that you don't even need a smartphone.

The Echo Input is meant to be plugged into speakers you already own. The square-ish shape speaker at the back looks to be wrapped in the same cloth material found on other Google Home smart speakers.

Like the Echo Plus, the Echo Show also includes a built-in Zigbee hub for easily connecting to smart home devices that use the Zigbee protocol.

Echo Show, the video-screen carrying version of the smart speaker, has been given a revamp too, featuring an improved speaker system alongside its 10-inch HD screen, which can be used to stream videos and make video calls. During the launch of the new iPhones, Apple also announced a small upgrade to its smart speaker, HomePod.

The Amazon smart plug that goes into an outlet and is compatible with Alexa allowing you to turn on or turn off whatever's plugged into the Smart Plug via voice commands. Until now, we did hear about Google working on a new smart speaker, but now a new leak coming from Mysmartprice reveals some concrete details about the smart speaker. Amazon also showed off new features we'll talk about tomorrow including Alexa Hunches, the aforementioned Amazon Smart Connect ecosystem and Alexa Guard, a smarter way to implement security.

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