Apple ups ante on larger iPhone screens

Image Source All Things How

Image Source All Things How

Or at least it will do, before the end of October.

Apple unveiled three new iPhones on Wednesday in a bid to bolster its spot in the premium smartphone market, along with an upgraded smartwatch that takes electrocardiograms and detects falls.

Even with all this power, Apple says the iPhone XS will last 30 minutes more, and the iPhone XS Max one and a half hours more, than the iPhone X between charges.

With LCD display, iPhone XR delivers lesser resolution 1792x828-pixel resolution at 326 ppi and 1400:1 contrast ratio.

As the size has grown, so too has the price, debuting at £269 in its first outing, and going as high as £1,499 for the highest spec on the new iPhone XS Max.

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While boasting new levels of waterproof technology and a better camera, the reveal wasn't particularly shocking when compared to previous iterations of the iPhone.

During the launch event, Apple's Phil Schiller said the new phones are 'incredible'. Apple will be unveiling the handset tonight and we will have full details on the most-hyped iPhone model in the recent times.

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Two of the models will be available for preorder on Friday, and should ship within a few weeks.

The new XR will start at £749. To wait a whole extra month seems harsh, but Apple can be a cruel mistress.

With the XR's notable features and specifications out of the way, let's talk pricing.

Apple hasn't compromised on the XR's defense against the elements, though. However, it's massive 6.5-inch OLED display will make it appear much larger than the iPhone 8 Plus did. Check out the link below for a couple of companies who already have iPhone XS Max cases for sale! It will be available in six different colours and its case is made of aerospace-grade aluminium.

There's a minor yet very important difference that unlike iPhone XS, iPhone XR comes with older IP67 certification, which offers water resistance maximum depth of 1 metre up to 30 minutes. What does that mean? The iPhone XS Max is essentially a larger iPhone XS. On the front, it has a 7-megapixel camera that is capable of Face ID and portrait mode photography. When Apple's online store came back online following today's keynote, a number of devices were conspicuously missing, including the iPhone SE, the iPhone 6s and the iPhone X. As for video, it will shoot 1,080p at 60fps.

How much will it cost and how much storage will it have? And that's just for the 64GB. It'll start at $399 for the Wifi-only model, while its LTE model will cost $499.

While the iPhone X, XS and XS Max have pressure-sensitive 3D Touch screens that activate the flashlight or camera when you press down hard, the iPhone XR only has haptic feedback.

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