Astronaut takes photo showing power of Hurricane Florence from space

Hurricane Florence from space

Astronauts had to use super wide-angle lens to photograph Hurricane Florence because it’s so huge

The video, eager just a few excessive-definition camera initiating air the International Condominium Contrivance, presentations a "stark and sobering seek" of the Class four storm because it moves in a west-northwesterly route all the intention in which during the Atlantic.

Florence is now a powerful Category 3 storm with winds of 125mph, and is expected to strengthen before making landfall along the Carolina coast later this week. "It's chilling, even from space", he tweeted. "It's chilling, even from space", said Alexander Gerst, an astronaut with the European Space Agency who now lives on ISS, on Twitter. "Get prepared on the East Coast, this is a no-kidding nightmare coming for you", Gerst writes.

The video tracks across the swirling clouds at the outer edges of the hurricane before passing over the eye. The hurricane is expected to reach 150 miles per hour before landfall Thursday night.

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The National Weather Service has issued strong warnings to residents of the Carolinas and other mid-Atlantic states, saying the hurricane would be the "storm of a lifetime", bringing damaging winds, life-threatening storm surges, and "catastrophic flooding". While the wind in the eye weakened, the storm grew in size and the hurricane-force winds expanding outward up to 70 miles (110 kilometers) from the center of the hurricane.

Forecasters have warned of life-threatening storm surges, catastrophic flooding, damaging winds, and risky rip currents along the coastlines of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

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