Bob Woodward: I'd Release Book Tapes If Challenged

Eric Trump Used Anti-semitic Language On National TV. Happy New Year, Jews!

Booming sales for Woodward's 'Fear,' Trump presidency book

Woodward's yarn of a dysfunctional Trump White Home has already sold larger than 750,000 copies, Simon & Schuster launched Wednesday, a day after the guide arrived in stores.

Woodward's publisher, Simon & Schuster, has reportedly ordered a ninth printing of Fear, which reportedly garnered more pre-order sales than any other book in the company's 94-year history. S. president since Richard Nixon- nine in total.

Cohn did not detail his complaints with the book, telling Axios: "I am proud of my service in the Trump Administration, and I continue to support the President and his economic agenda".

"The only people who refer to being paid off as wanting "extra shekels" are Israelis speaking Hebrew and anti-Semites speaking English outside Israel. And to use invective and this attack rhetoric, whatever it might be, it sets us back".

"Misfortune" has dominated political headlines since reviews about it emerged closing week. "CNN will certainly like you ever on there because they like to trash the president", Eric Trump acknowledged.

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Veteran reporter and author Bob Woodward said he would release tapes of his interviews for any source who requests it in an interview with conservative radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt on Friday morning.

Eric Trump, the son of President Trump, told Fox News on Wednesday that journalist Bob Woodward wrote a new and highly critical book about his father's administration in order to make "shekels".

Woodward, who helped uncover the Watergate scandal and serves as an associate editor at The Washington Post, backed up his anonymous sourcing by saying he conducted hundreds of hours of interviews with witnesses inside the White House, as well as meeting notes, personal diaries and government documents. It's not clear whether President Donald Trump has much to fear from "Fear" itself. Woodward joins Judy Woodruff to discuss his reporting.

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