Canada to Stick to Guns at NAFTA Talks Despite Trump Pressure

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A New NAFTA Without Canada? Unions and Tech Push Back Against Trump's Mexico-Only Deal

Trump will need congressional approval to replace or change the details of NAFTA, the 1994 trade pact crafted by then-President Bill Clinton between Mexico, the USA and Canada.

Faced with an unpredictable US president ready to strike on Twitter, Trudeau said the dispute resolution mechanism in Chapter 19 ensures trade rules are followed. I want to make sure we continue to get trade.

Trump lashed out at Canada after talks last week failed to yield a final deal.

The loonie had been pressured by the prospect of an escalation in a trade dispute between the United States and China, with U.S. President Donald Trump gearing up to impose tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese goods and Beijing certain to retaliate against any measures. "As the Trump administration has been dealing with trade around the country, what I've been doing is, as it impacts Florida businesses, I've been talking to Bob Lighthizer, who's the federal trade representative, and letting him know the importance of free trade and how it's impacting Florida businesses", Scott said.

Trump almost tore up the NAFTA pact a year ago after visiting farmers in Wisconsin, a major USA dairy producer that Washington says has been hurt by Canadian protectionism.

"We're seeing goodwill on all sides and if we see some more flexibility, then I think we can start to see things moving in a good direction", added the source. As long as other countries levy tariffs on USA produced goods, we must also have the ability to do the same to ensure fairness to American companies and workers.

Canada's negotiating team in Washington is returning to the bargaining table to resume talks with their US counterparts, hoping for a breakthrough to reach a deal on the North American Free Trade Agreement.

The overall goal is to reach a deal by a December 1 deadline so Congress can give its approval to a new NAFTA before Mexico's new president takes office.

Canada's top trade negotiator stepped out of high-stakes talks with the Trump administration Wednesday to say that the dialogue was "constructive" but had yet to hit upon a deal. It allows Canada to regulate and subsidize the production of Canadian content on the airwaves to boost Canadian producers, distributors, artists and performers without having to provide the same subsidies to foreign companies.

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But Canadian officials, who note increasing political pressure on Trump from US business and labor circles to keep NAFTA as a trilateral arrangement, said they were in no hurry.

Carla Hills, who was the USA trade representative under President George H.W. Bush who negotiated the NAFTA accord, has been one of the most ardent advocates of preserving the breadth of a deal that from the beginning was about more than regulating imports and exports.

Trump called NAFTA a "stupid deal" for the US causing millions of American jobs to leave the country. Team Trump want to sign an agreement with the current Mexican government, not the one headed by leftist President Obrador that will replace it December 1, and that would be pressured by its supporters to ask for changes.

The White House on Friday gave Congress a required 90-day notification that it would be signing a revised version of NAFTA with Mexico and would include Canada only "if it is willing".

"We are making good progress". "But they and other countries have been taking advantage of the United States for many years". Canada is the major export destination for 36 U.S. states, and many of Trump's political supporters have asked that he "do no harm" to the deal, to begin with.

That perspective may even be holding tight in Canada, which for the moment is Trump's chief target in his bid to fundamentally redo NAFTA.

"You have to be careful about what he says and what he's actually doing".

Lighthizer also said American broadcasters operating in border states have also complained about Canadian counterparts picking up the USA signals and redistributing in Canada without consent.

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