COMCASA: India to get access to real-time encrypted information from US

India to go ahead with S-400 deal with Russia despite threat of US sanctions – reports

An S-400 launcher during a parade in Moscow

Last October, then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson delivered a major policy speech on U.S. -India ties and the critical role India would play in the Trump administration's new Indo-Pacific strategy. However, the US Congress, on August 1, granted President Donald Trump and Pompeo the power to waive sanctions.

In his opening remarks for the dialogue, US Secretary of state Pompeo said that the two nations are "united by shared values of democracy, respect for individual rights and a shared commitment to freedom".

During the 2+2 India, US dialogue, the two sides concluded that elimination of terrorism was crucial for global peace and stability.

The US has told India and other countries to cut oil imports from Iran to "zero" by 4 November or face sanctions, making it clear that there would be no waivers to anyone.

In reply to the question about whether India and the U.S. may have discussed Iranian oil at the summit, the expert stated: "I think they would have discussed it".

In July, the US announced granting India the status of Strategic Trade Authorization-1 (STA-1) country, the only South Asian nation to be given the designation along with the US' NATO allies like South Korea, Australia and Japan. The United States has emerged as India's second largest arms supplier, closing $15 billion worth of deals in the past decade.

India's top diplomat and security official has already signaled a willingness to cutback oil imports. I think that'd be a great outcome. As part of its ongoing "trade war" with the United States, China banned the importation of US oil and gas earlier this year.

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"But our mission set is to ensure that Iran doesn't engage in malign behavior with wealth that comes from countries around the world".

"We've had lots of times where we've talked and made agreements, but we haven't been able to actually execute those. So we'll work with the Indians, we committed that we will do that", Pompeo said. "We have discussed terror emanating from Pakistan and have agreed that Pakistan needs to do a lot more to curb terror originating from it", Swaraj said. Two-way trade crossed $100bn in 2016 from just $5bn in 1990, turning the United States into one of New Delhi's key trading partners. We truly do appreciate that. "But the gap will remain and I urge them to do all they can to narrow it".

Diplomatic sources said both sides will try to finalise certain defence agreements, which will enable their militaries as well as their private sectors to work more closely together, both on defense acquisitions and collaborations.

Following the formal talks, both Mr. Pompeo and General Mattis are scheduled to pay a visit to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday afternoon.

"The ban has been lifted and we are now dipping our toes in the USA oil market but, the political risks involved remain high", said one Chinese oil trader who spoke to AMI on condition anonymity", when a tanker leaves the Gulf coast it can take 50 days to reach China.

A draft agreement put forward by Washington last month committed India to accepting more imports of USA in the areas of civilian aircraft and natural gas, taking Indian officials by surprise, the Hindu daily reported on Thursday.

Felter said that by signing the agreement some Indian weapon systems would see an immediate increase in capabilities, including the C-130 and C-17 aircraft.

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