Google redesigns Chrome to celebrate its 10th anniversary

4 updates coming to Google Chrome for its 10th birthday

Google’s Chrome Turns 10 and Gets a Fresh Look, New Tricks and an Easter Egg

Chrome is getting a new look everywhere, major improvements to its password manager, smart answers within the Search bar, and more. Google says that Chrome can recognize sign-in forms more accurately, so you hopefully won't come across sign-in fields that aren't recognized. If you select the password, it will save it to your Google account, making it unnecessary for you to remember the password.

The newly redesigned Chrome will be seen in its versions on the desktop, Android and iOS.

Google's announcement blog post looks forward to another 10 years of Chrome, and it calls out Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence as the next big features for browsers.

You might also notice the shape of your tabs has changed. There's a reason why it's the number one web browser in the world, after all. When you create a new password for a website, Chrome will now generate one for you. You see, Chrome was simplistic and focused. Google updated the mini-game with a slice of birthday cake and a party hat to celebrate Chrome's 10th trip around the sun. You know, when you don't have an internet connection and you're really bored or your boss is droning on and you need to kill some time. Your saved passwords, addresses, and credit card numbers, can be accessed from the Chrome toolbar, as shown in the feature image at the top of the page. That should be another nail in Flash's coffin, which could help rid the web of an outdated plugin that creates more performance and security problems than it's worth, but it could also become frustrating if you often have to visit a site that relies on Flash. Since I generally keep my daily driver on the Developer channel and sometimes Canary, many of these updates have been live on my device for some time.

Google has also added shortcut management to newly opened tabs, which can also feature a photo of your choice in the background.

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You can also search for open tabs in the Omnibox. You can select the suggested password or use your own and Chrome can save the password for you. If you have more number of tabs open across three browser windows, you can now search for a website in your Omnibox and Chrome will tell you that its already open and let you open it with "Switch to tab". It also updated its tabs to make it harder to lose track of a site if you have a bunch open.

If you don't see that option and Chrome says you are already up-to-date, the rollout hasn't hit you yet.

The new update will be coming your way today and will be visible on all platforms including desktop, Android and iOS.

Head over to chrome://dino and start the game with your space bar.

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