Here's your first look at 'Captain Marvel'

Captain Marvel TRAILER First teaser for Brie Larson’s Avengers 4 prequel arriving today

Captain Marvel TRAILER First teaser for Brie Larson’s Avengers 4 prequel arriving today

"Captain Marvel" graces the cover of the new Entertainment Weekly, offering the first official look at Brie Larson in character as the superhero. After seeing some set images, it seemed the filmmakers would be abandoning the signature red, blue, and gold armor.

"You have this Kree part of her that's unemotional, that is an unbelievable fighter and competitive", she explained to Entertainment Weekly.

On the character she plays, Larson tells EW, "She can't help but be herself".

What are the Kree, you may ask?

If so, this is on track with the speculation that the first "Captain Marvel" footage would come out in September, followed by some kind of "Avengers 4" teaser possibly in November. And until now, very little has been officially know about the movie. They're most famous for creating the Inhumans and for their war with the Skrull that almost decimated Earth.

So much news is coming out of the release of the Captain Marvel pictures revealed today.

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Well, you can't say they didn't warn us. However, Mendelsohn won't be hidden under alien make-up the entire time, because his shape-shifting character will be infiltrating SHIELD under the guise of a human. EW's report attempted to be cagey about who Jude Law is playing in the pics, but we already know he's Mar-Vell, Carol's comic book predecessor. Perhaps even more than we've seen from the Guardians of the Galaxy, Carol's a hero of the stars, and the film will show us significant glimpses of her life as a Kree soldier working with a team composed of some members from Marvel's Starforce.

"She's obviously such an incredibly kick-ass character and Kelly Sue DeConnick did a great run with her story arc recently", Perlman said, who also co-wrote Guardians of the Galaxy.

Captain Marvel will also join the survivors in Avengers 4 in the fight against Thanos. Then there's nine more from the set, which feature Jude Law, some familiar faces, and Nine Inch Nails t-shirt. And we are really feeling it now!

The stills also introduce a final intriguing aspect of the film: Lashana Lynch's Maria Rambeau.

So far, it is unclear if Carol will develop her powers this way or if the film adaptation will go a different route.

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