Kavanaugh Hearing to Address Sex Assault Allegation Uncertain for Monday, Sources Say

Alex Brandon  AP

Alex Brandon AP

Chad Pergram, a congressional reporter for Fox News, tweeted late Tuesday afternoon that when Feinstein was asked about Kavanaugh's accuser, Christine Ford, the senator said Ford "is a woman that has been, I think, profoundly impacted, on this", adding that "I can't say everything is truthful".

"I'd have the professionals go in there, seek corroborating evidence, talk to the people involved, certainly talk to the third person who they claimed was there and that hasn't been done", Democratic Sen.

Sen. Mazi Hirono (D-Hawaii) has said that she thinks Ford would feel victimized if she were forced to testify without a full report from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Kavanaugh and Ford had each indicated earlier Monday a willingness to testify to the Judiciary committee.

Republicans and the Trump White House argue that isn't the FBI's role.

"Anyone who comes forward as Dr. Ford has deserves to be heard, so I will continue working on a way to hear her out in an appropriate, precedented and respectful manner", Grassley said.

"Nothing of substance and nothing legitimate can happen by Monday", Lisa Banks, an attorney for Ford, told CNN Tuesday night.

"Now the whole nation's trying to figure out something that's not really evident", said Sen. "It doesn't look good in light of the sexual assault allegation Judge Kavanaugh is now facing".

Unlike Thomas, who allegedly behaved offensively as an adult and fully sober, "you and I know high school kids". She advised the committee to "not rush the hearings" and to bring in "a neutral investigative body with experience in sexual misconduct cases that will investigate the incident in question and present its findings to the committee". "I have never done anything like what the accuser describes - to her or to anyone".

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Democrats who do not sit on the Judiciary Committee were also joining their colleagues' calls for the FBI to investigate before proceeding to a committee hearing.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is suggesting that the woman accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault has one shot to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Pressure on Senate Republicans to delay Kavanaugh's confirmation process intensified after Ford came forward on Sunday. Sen. "I think it'd also be helpful to have the eyewitness that doctor spoke about available as well", he said, presumably referring to Kavanaugh's high school friend Mark Judge, who Ford, according to the Washington Post, says was in the room during the alleged assault. She said President George H.W. Bush had asked the FBI to investigate Anita Hill's allegations against Thomas.

Mr Trump, who reportedly did not meet Mr Kavanaugh on Tuesday, expressed sympathy for his nominee.

For Republicans, who wanted Kavanaugh confirmed in time for the start of the new Supreme Court session, beginning October 1, a week or two would throw that timeline off.

The damaging accusation has prompted Grassley to call for his committee to reconvene on Monday to give Kavanaugh and Ford a chance to testify.

The ugly confirmation battle could shake up the forthcoming mid-term elections.

Kavanaugh worked in the Bush White House for five years as an associate counsel and then staff secretary.

Still, the California Democrat's original comment, tweeted by Fox reporters, was seized on by supporters of the Kavanaugh nomination. He was asked about the allegations Friday in an interview with C-SPAN - before Blasey Ford went public with her account - and declined to directly address them. McConnell says a woman's claim that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her decades ago is "completely at variance" with everything else known about his past.

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