Loki and other Marvel heroes look set for their own TV shows

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Disney has already made it known that they have some ambitious plans for their upcoming proprietary digital streaming service, and Variety reports that numerous superhero shows are in the works.

While Disney has been quietly assembling content for its proprietary streaming service that will launch in late 2019, word has been mum on what kind of original Marvel content it would include.

Each of the series are also said to have a budget equal to one of the MCU movies, but when Variety reached out to Disney and Marvel for official comment, neither replied.

According to Variety, each potential MCU TV show will feature six-to-eight episodes, with a budget that rivals "major studio productions".

However with Disney creating their own streaming network which will see them bring all their new series under one banner, it will make it a lot easier to pull all the narrative strings and create some nice tie-in series that could perhaps get fans even more excited about the ever-expanding universe. The idea is to allow characters who haven't yet gotten their own standalone movies the chance to shine, and it's not expected that characters like Captain America or Iron Man would appear.

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Meanwhile, Disney is also, little by little, starting to release details of high-profile projects it's got teed up for the platform, like a Star Wars series from director Jon Favreau, along with these new Marvel spinoffs. However, Disney has to spend big to make an impression.

Instead, we're talking about solo TV shows for some of the franchise's most popular heroes/villains. It is also being reported that Disney intends for the service to cost less than Netflix.

Good news for anyone anxious that Infinity War - spoiler alert for the three people and Clarence the movie-shy badger who hasn't seen the movie yet - might mean the true end of Loki, or who thought Scarlet Witch didn't have enough to do.

With MCU shows and Star Wars shows already set to appear on Disney's Streaming service which is now being called Disney Play, I think they have a subscriber in me ready to sign up. Oh, we're in. We're in a billion times over.

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