Mother mistakes dynamite for candle during power outage

She thought she had candles to burn during a power outage — but it was dynamite

Connecticut woman mistakes dynamite for candle during power outage

Police say a woman was hospitalized with serious injuries after she mistook dynamite for a candle during a power outage at her Bridgeport home.

After the power went out in a thunderstorm Thursday night the woman recalled what she thought were candles left in the basement by the previous residents. Home Depot was closed.

The woman, who is approximately 30 years old, suffered significant damage to her hands and had to be taken to Bridgeport Hospital.

The mother, who was home with her husband and two children, was the only one who was hurt during the "tragic accident", officials said. She was since then taken to Yale-New haven Hospital, where she now remains for treatment. A number of neighbours were evacuated from their homes and the woman's children are staying with relatives.

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State police, the state fire marshal, the state police bomb squad, Bridgeport police officers, Bridgeport firefighters, and the staff from the city fire marshal's office responded to the situation, reports NBC Connecticut.

Police said while fireworks and dynamite are against the law in the state of CT, no charges will be pressed because it seemed that the current homeowners had no idea explosives were in their house.

A search uncovered yet another explosive, and it was detonated.

Following the incident, Harris urged the public to call their local fire department if they should find something flame- or fire-related and they don't know what it is. According to police, another device was found in the home.

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