Nike online sales soar following the Colin Kaepernick campaign

President Trump on Wednesday criticized Nike for its new advertising campaign featuring Kaepernick the NFL quarterback who sparked controversy by kneeling in protest during the national anthem. The original Nike ad is seen in the image above

College of the Ozarks drops Nike over Colin Kaepernick ad

A faith-based liberal arts college in Missouri has dropped Nike as the sponsor for its athletic gear after the popular sports brand aired an ad with former National Football League player Colin Kaepernick.

Former Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been in the news for quite some time as he was one of the first players in the NFL to start to kneel for the national anthem.

Other NFL players joined the silent on-field protests, which created an ongoing, polarizing debate across the US fueled by President Trump.

A private Christian college in Point Lookout, Mo., vowed to remove all uniforms featuring the Nike logo after the brand's ad with Colin Kaepernick was unveiled this week.

The image is a hoax, merely a manipulated version of an older viral image showing a "Made in China" tag on a "Make America Great Again" hat.

Nike has likely figured out that its core consumers - the people who regularly buy its sneakers and clothes - are probably the millennials and minority youth who already support Kaepernick or at least don't mind the stance he is taking, Antonio Williams said. I wonder if they had any idea that it would be this way? "That's a cultural influence, and they're understanding that our community - the African American community - moves the culture, moves the thread when it comes to apparel, and that's standing behind a community that has put Nike in the position that it's in right now".

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Woods has been endorsed by Nike his whole career. Disrespectful of the American flag, they argued.

At the start of the ad, Kaepernick says: "If people say your dreams are insane, if they laugh at what you think you can do, good". On Friday morning Trump tweeted: "What was Nike thinking?".

During the interview, Falwell told USA Today he didn't know the exact terms of the deal with Nike and what would justify termination.

The commercial this week has elicited strong reactions on both sides toward Nike.

'I honor the flag. "I mean, let's put it this way, their name is in the paper and people are talking about it", he said.

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