Razer Phone 2 confirmed: Razer quietly announces upgraded Razer Phone plans

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Razer Phone 2 confirmed: Razer quietly announces upgraded Razer Phone plans

As if to keep up the momentum, Razer is reportedly working on a second-generation Razer Phone, as spotted in an earnings report.

Gaming company Razer entered the competitive smartphone segment previous year, with the launch of the Razer Phone.

Just in case you didn't have plenty of new high-end smartphones to look forward to this fall already, another company confirmed its plans for a next-gen flagship handset in the most subtle and inconspicuous way last week. Unfortunately, launch details or any other information about the successor remain unknown.

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Razer is now focusing its resources into the development of the second generation Razer Phone and accompanying software releases which will etend its software and services from PC into the mobile market.
Now, Razer has revealed that a successor is on the way. The company's flagship phone was heavily focused on gamers, with specs and hardware that will satisfy the needs of a mobile gamer.

In its Interim Results for 2018, Razer spoke highly of its first smartphone offering from previous year, saying it has been met with much positivity, even spawning a whole new category in the industry. While the gaming hardware company is yet to announce how well the original Razer Phone actually did, the firm says it was "very pleased" with the success of the first pone. With the upcoming Razer Phone 2, we expect to see a bezel-less display and also the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Mobile Platform.

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