Skype offers Video Call Recording feature for both Desktop and Mobile apps

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Skype can now record your 'special moments' in front of the computer

The company's Skype developing wing stated in a blog post: "Today, we're introducing call recording to help capture special moments in a Skype call with your loved ones or record important meetings with your colleagues".

In Skype appeared the ability to record calls.

As the name suggests, Call Recording lets users, well, record calls.

This is great though because although some of the third party solutions have been useful over the last so many years, they can sometimes experience bugs that might cause you to lose what you thought you had recorded, usually thanks to odd changes that Microsoft makes to Skype causing a conflict between the two apps. All you have to do is tap on the "Start Recording" button from the in-call screen.

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The really great news here is that the call recording feature is coming to all of the Skype platforms you might want, including macOS, and the iPhone and iPad.

Skype is the communication tool of choice (and necessity) for millions, but it has always lacked a basic feature that no doubt many of those millions have requested: call recording.

The principle is more or less the same on desktop and mobile, though the latter is slightly more icon driven. It is possible to save the recording locally or on the cloud for 30 days before it gets automatically removed. After going through several changes in its design and functionality, the Microsoft owned platform has finally made a decision to include an option that was requested by most of its 5 million users worldwide - the option to record video calls. You can get free call recording for 14 days and after that you have to upgrade to a premium account to use it. A banner will be displayed on the top of the display saying that the call is being recorded, so all participants can know about it.

Whether you're just having fun, taking notes, or recording a podcast (because who wants to talk to someone without seeing them?), Skype's new recording features couldn't have arrived fast enough. On mobile you can tap and hold on the chat to see a pop-up menu and the "save" button. During that period, participants can download and save the recording as an MP4 file to their computer.

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