Sony making mini-console debut with PlayStation Classic

PlayStation Classic mini retro console is launching in time for Christmas

PlayStation Classic launches this December, comes with 20 games including Final Fantasy VII

The PlayStation Classic comes on after the releases of other popular mini-consoles, like the insanely popular, limited edition Super NES Classic, which sold 5 million units as of last March. Also, compared to the original PlayStation, the PlayStation Classic is claimed to be 45 percent smaller in size.

Sony has announced a miniature version of the first PlayStation console, which originally launched in 1994. All PlayStation Classic games will be playable in their original format, which we assume means no alterations or updates to fix or modify anything within them. Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3 and Wild Arms have all been announced as games that come preloaded into the system.

That will put this retro console on the market just in time for holiday shopping and with a $99.99 price, it will certainly be appealing to gamers. If Sony can deliver on the games side, this looks like its going to be a raucous success.

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The PlayStation Classic will be out December 3 in Australia carrying a RRP of $149.99 AUD.

"Who's excited for the playstation classic?". As with those machines, the PlayStation Classic will not be able to download further titles. This includes memory cards, which implies save files will also be stored internally alongside the pre-loaded games. It features HDMI out so you can play on modern TVs, and it'll ship with two USB replicas of the original PlayStation Controller. Although annoyingly you'll need to supply your own compatible USB AC adaptor.

Right now, we have found two retailers that already have PlayStation Classic pre-orders available, and at the time of this writing, pre-orders are still open. Though I can only hope, somehow, the original Spider-Man PS1 game can be part of the lineup.

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