The PS2 is finally dead in Japan

The Final Door Has Closed on the PlayStation 2

Sony Japan finally shuts down PS2 aftercare service

Although the console hasn't been in production for over five years, up until now Sony offered a fix clinic for diehard fans of the PS2.

A press release, originally published by Kotaku, announced the impending end of the aftercare service.

Of course, as with any device, third-party repairs will always be possible, but this is a significant milestone for the device, which is estimated to have sold 150m units since its launch in March 2000. It had closed telephone support lines for PS2 at the end of August. Unfortunately, any consoles that arrive at the PlayStation Clinic in Iwate Prefecture after September 7 will not be eligible for fix, and the article doesn't say what happens after that.

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More than 150 million PlayStation 2 consoles have been sold.

As the story goes, Sony Japan gave final notice to PS2 owners, asking anyone in need of PlayStation 2 repairs to fill out an online form by August 31, 2018 to squeeze theirs in before the shutdown. The closest of this generation is the PS4 with just over 82 million.

With an integrated DVD player, the PS2 helped make the game console the centerpiece of the living-room entertainment system.

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