Vanilla Ice Stunned Emirates Plane He's Aboard is Quarantined at JFK

WATCH LIVE Emirates plane from Dubai lands in JFK with reportedly 100 sick passengers on board

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Sick passengers on an global flight that landed at Kennedy Airport Wednesday forced the plane to be quarantined while investigators determined the cause of possible illness.

The Port Authority says the CDC took the temperatures of the sick passengers, finding it was likely a massive case of the flu. "Isn't it your obligation to solve it?" one Twitter user wrote.

It's understood around 10 travellers are ill on the plane, which landed around 9.15am local time. The other nine refused medical attention. Images of the plane shared by media and Twitter users show it in a standing area, away from any terminal, surrounded by ambulances and police.

Statement: Emirates can confirm that about 10 passengers on #EK203 from Dubai to NY were taken ill.

Ultimately, 19 people were deemed "sick", according to Eric Phillips, press secretary for New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio.

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Flight started in Dubai and stopped in Mecca, which is experiencing a flu outbreak. After filling out a few forms and undergoing several health checks, some passengers were allowed to continue with their travel plans, although others were held for further evaluation.

Emirates said in a statement Wednesday that three passengers and seven crew members were taken to a hospital for medical care and evaluation. The airline said the remaining passengers would disembark shortly after what the mayor's office described as a quarantine.

Passengers and some crew complained of illness including cough, according to the CDC; some had developed a fever.

"CDC is aware of an Emirates flight from Saudi Arabia arriving at JFK this morning with some passengers who are reporting an unspecified illness", a CDC official told the Wall Street Journal.

Local media is reporting that officials from the Port Authority Police Department and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are on scene but did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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