WaPo: Say, this attack on Collins might well be bribery after all

This senator might vote for Kavanaugh. So activists sent her 3000 coat hangers.

Activists raise $900,000 and send COAT HANGERS to pressure Senator in Supreme Court vote

Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) is one of two pro-choice Republicans in the U.S. Senate, along with Senator Lisa Murkowski. Collins will make up her mind based on the merits of the nomination.

"In one case - and we are going to turn this over to the police, but unfortunately, of course, the person didn't leave a name or number - but they actually threatened to rape one of my young female staffers", Collins told the Journal.

Collins has been considered a potential vote against Kavanaugh on the abortion issue since she supports abortion rights and hinted last week to a Maine newspaper that if Kavanaugh "was not truthful [during his confirmation hearing], then obviously that would be a major problem for me". In a statement, Annie Clark, a spokeswoman for Collins, said "anybody who thinks these tactics would work on Sen". NBC reports that Collins' office has also been receiving abusive calls and letters from Kavanaugh opponents.

In Maine, a trio of advocacy groups continued their fundraising efforts Wednesday with a running tally of pledges coming to about $1.1 million.

Thus far, the ads from Planned Parenthood targeting Collins and Murkowski have been relatively positive, holding up both senators' records in supporting women's rights rather than threatening a negative response if they vote for Kavanaugh. Murkowski has not said whether she will vote for or against Trump's nominee, but if her vote for Gorsuch is any indication, pressure from the GOP will outweigh pressure from pro-choice groups. "He is committed to overturning Roe v. Wade".

"Through this grassroots effort, Mainers are making clear to Senator Collins that they will defeat her for reelection if she defies the will of the people and votes to confirm Judge Kavanaugh", Berkon said.

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As well as his views on abortion, many people are also concerned about Mr Kavanaugh's desire to abolish gun control legislation and unravel the Affordable Care Act.

Most senators' votes for or against Kavanaugh are foregone conclusions, but the Senate's two openly pro-abortion Republicans, Collins of ME and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, could potentially sink his nomination.

"We won't let it stifle us". Kavanaugh has indicated hostility toward the landmark 1973 abortion rights decision. "And her safety has relied on her having a lot of strength with independent and Democratic women". The same shout-and-arrest pattern continued throughout the week.

The ads will appear online and on TV starting Wednesday, featuring ME women expressing concern about Collins's potential vote for Kavanaugh.

Democrats accused Republicans of seeking to ram the confirmation through without a thorough vetting before the November midterm elections.

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