Windows 10 Test Halts Competing Browser Installs, Suggests Edge Instead

Oops, Microsoft Is Doing It Again

Windows 10 now begs users to stick with Microsoft Edge when installing Chrome or other browsers

When users attempt to download Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, they are now confronted with a pop-up window warning them that Edge is "faster" and "safer".

The intermediary screen that interrupts the installation states that Edge is installed on the device and that it is safer and faster than the browser that the user was about to install on the device. This pop-up won't stop you from installing your third-party browser, as it gives you the change to "Install Anyway", but it also gives you the option of opening Edge instead.

Microsoft is reportedly warning Windows 10 users not to install Chrome or Firefox. Whether the intercepting will land in the soon to be released stable version of Windows 10 version 1809, the October 2018 Update, remains to be seen.

Subjectively, I found Edge's performance to have undoubtedly improved from the early days of Windows 10, when pages would freeze as they loaded, leaving you unable to scroll.

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Whether or not such prompts would tag along with future Windows updates, would depend on the feedback on this particular test feature.

While Bleeping Computer has not been able to independently get this Edge promotion to display, Microsoft has stated that this is indeed a test they are performing with Windows Insiders. The software simply installs as you would expect it to.

This isn't the only message in Windows 10 that promotes Microsoft Edge. Now it's being used to trumpet Edge, too. There is a button that allows users to open the Edge browser instead of installing Firefox or Chrome. Now Microsoft is about to get even more invasive, by showing a full alert message whenever you try to change the default browser.

Microsoft has managed to stir the hornet's nest once again. However, Microsoft hasn't been successful in doing so and the market share numbers are the proof of that. This is an escalation in the war between Edge, Chrome, and Firefox. Google offers a free search engine and other free online services. You see, if a user makes the effort to manually download the installer for a browser with Edge, they obviously want to use that browser instead of Edge. "If I wanted to use your browser, I would".

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