Apple video content will be free to users

Apple Planning to Give Away Free Content As Part of New Digital Media Strategy

iPhone owners won’t have to pay to watch Apple’s original programming

However, iOS 12 is being widely accepted by all its users and is available for nearly all the devices released in the past few years. With iOS 12 adoption already at the 50% threshold, and with a massive refresh cycle about to begin, it stands to reason that iOS 12 adoption is well on its way to outpacing iOS 11 adoption.

With the increase in the installation of iOS 12, the distribution of iOS 11 has been declined to 39 percent of all active iOS devices and 40 percent of the devices introduced in the last four years.

Apple has revealed that 50% of users are now running iOS 12 on their devices.

While not the fastest adoption in iOS history, it is still way ahead of the adoption rate typical seen for Android devices.

To put things into perspective, iOS 10 hit a 54% installed base after a month whereas iOS 11 was at 52% after a month and a half.

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Previous iOS iterations only make up 11% and 7% of the pie, respectively. Apple released iOS 12 on September 17, meaning it took just over three weeks for the number of devices upgraded to pass 50 percent.

Yeah, you laugh, but emoji are one of the biggest update drivers, because people are people, and those aren't coming until iOS 12.1, a little later this fall. Overall, the level of Android adoption seems to have improved in recent years, but remains low compared with the new version of iOS. The "charge gate" and "beauty gate" issue was a problem but a fix was provided by the iOS 12.1 update.

To start with, iOS 12.0.1 is preventing some users of making and even receiving calls and that has started to spread like wildfire on Twitter.

With this year's iOS update, Apple focused on stability and performance improvements rather than introducing a whole slew of new features. This means that over 99% of Android devices do not run the latest version of the OS.

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