Genius touch - Stephen Hawking's papers, wheelchair for sale

Stephen Hawking's most prized possessions go under the hammer

Auction house to sell Stephen Hawking's wheelchair, thesis and his script from 'The Simpsons'

One of the wheelchairs included in the sale has an estimated price of £10,000 t0 £15,000 or about $13,000 to $19,000. Hawking's notes and equations are visible in some of the pieces, including a line from his October 1965 Cambridge University doctorate thesis stating "This dissertation is my original work", followed by a "S.W. Hawking" signature.

The proceeds from the auction of the chair will benefit the The Stephen Hawking Foundation, which advocates for the rights of people with disabilities, and The Motor Neurone Disease Association.

The auction includes a copy of Hawking's famous book "A Brief History of Time" with his fingerprint.

The cosmic visionary was diagnosed with motor neuron disease at 22 and was given just a few years to live.

"Hawking initially resisted the idea of using a wheelchair in the late 1960s; by the late 1970s, he was using motorized models like the present example, and was even renowned for being a rather wild driver", said Christie's.

The physicist, who lived and worked in Cambridge, died in March, aged 76.

As the disease progressed, Hawking began using a wheelchair and communicating with others using a voice-generating computer.

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Days after legendary physicist Stephen Hawking's final paper was published, a great number of his prized possessions will go up for auction, including some of his most important papers, including his doctoral thesis, a copy of "A Brief History of Time" and the script for one of his appearances on "The Simpsons".

"By the late 1980s he was at the height of his fame, and given his extensive travels to conferences and public events, as well as the scope of his intellectual explorations of space-time, this is arguably both literally and metaphorically the most-traveled wheelchair in history".

In the aforementioned statement, Stephen Hawking's daughter, Lucy, said the family was happy with work with the auction house to give his fans a chance to acquire part of his accomplishments. "A small plastic model of his yellow Simpsons incarnation had pride of place in his house".

A highlight is Prof Hawking's signed thesis typescript which is being estimated at £100,000-150,000.

Hawking will be in good scientific company at the auction.

Auctioneer Christie's announced the online sale on Monday as part of a larger auction featuring scientific papers by Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, and Isaac Newton, the Associated Press reported.

Christie's "On the Shoulders of Giants: Newton, Darwin, Einstein, Hawking" opens for bidding on Halloween, and concludes on November 8.

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