Google is working closely with Samsung on a new foldable smartphone

Samsung's folding phone WILL go on sale next year along with a notchless Galaxy S10

Samsung planning three Galaxy S10 variants, one foldable phone for 2019

Bloomberg adds to their report that while Samsung released lower priced "A" models to better compete with the likes of Oppo, Huawei and others like Vivo, the company now hopes to introduce a unique folding smartphone in 2019 that will give them an edge over these same competitors.

A new report from Bloomberg, published Thursday, brings a ton of details about Samsung's smartphone plans, including some new info about the upcoming Galaxy S10 flagship.

According to the report, the standard S10 - now codenamed "Beyond" - will feature a curved OLED screen, rounded corners, and "almost no bezel at the top and bottom". More precisely, we could see two expensive S10 handsets with curved displays measuring 6.1 inches and 6.4 inches, respectively, and a more affordable model sporting a flat 5.8-inch display.

The phone is also said to have in-display fingerprint scanner and the report claims that Samsung has not ruled out the possibility of removing the headphone jack, as one such prototype exists. Since its a foldable phone with a bendable display, it most certainly doesn't hold an on-screen fingerprint sensor said the report. The S10 will come pre-loaded with Google's Android Pie operating system. The phone also has a four-inch screen on the outside that's viewable when folded "allowing users to enjoy basic features-like checking emails and messages-without having to flip it open". The present prototype is also more than 200 grams heavy, which could lead Samsung to shave off the battery capacity to keep it lighter.

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According to Kim, the phone will open with "a snap" like the Motorola RAZR phones but has a "smoother feel".

Now, just yesterday, Steve H came up with new information on this topic, confirming the Samsung Galaxy S10 might come out in six different colors, instead of nine as he reported initially. But unlike Apple, Samsung's biggest phone may not be a trouble to handle, as it could be a foldable one. The smartphone offers 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage which can be expanded by installing a microSD card. The screen, when it cracks, shatters like dried paper. "Samsung may not be able to launch it commercially until the second quarter, another person said". Apple's iPhone XR starts at $749.

It's not completely obvious what this actually means, reports surfaced last week that Samsung was developing technology similar to this and rumours now abound that Samsung may use holes in the front screen to accommodate camera lenses. "A foldable would garner bragging rights, but I wouldn't expect it to be an immediate hit".

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