Google Lens Now Works on Google Images

Google Lens can now ID items in image search results

Google Lens Now Works on Google Images

Click on it and it will analyze the image, let you click on or circle parts of the image and Google will zoom into it.

Google announced it was bringing Google Lens functionality to Google Image searches last month.

For now, the dots will appear on products and other objects Lens has identified. Go to mobile, search for nearly anything, click on an image and you will see this lens icon under the image.

Users will now see a small lens-shaped icon below the photos they chose to access from Google Images. To use this feature, you need to tap the Lens button in Google Images, dots will appear on objects you can learn more about.

As mentioned earlier, the Lens integration is only available to US users searching in English.

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The goal is to give Google Images users something else to do besides merely stare at the photos that happen to show up in a search query. "You can still draw around anything you're interested in inside of an image to get more information and see related content".

The feature is now only available to those searching in English, but will soon be rolled out to other countries and languages, the company said.

We tested out the new feature ourselves and can confirm that it is live and working as advertised.

In a post on Google's blog, Product Manager for Google Images Assaf Broitman said you can, for example, search for living room decorating ideas.

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