Google makes it easier to clear your recent Search activity

Google Search Data

Google Brings Privacy Controls a Little Closer to Search

Simply select Search under the filters and the option to wipe out all search history is readily available. You can visit your Google Account to do that, but now there's an easier way. Although you can clear your local browser history, Google still keeps a record of it on its own servers. Earlier, users had to go to their Google account to manage their search data, review it, and delete search history. It's also offering quick-access controls. Let us know what you'd like to learn about in the comments.

When you use, you generate data about your activity, including the terms you search for, links you interact with, and other data points like your location when you search. In this episode of Consumer Tech Update, Kim explores the real reason Google is allowing users to delete their search data.

"For example, to control the ads you see when you search, we give you access to your Ad Settings".

Google, whose parent company is Alphabet Inc., said it is making changes to some of its core products to make its data collection practices easier for users to understand.

Why is Google doing this now?

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With the new European Union laws in place regarding personal data use, more and more major tech firms are giving users outside Europe the ability to see what personal data is being collected about them and what that data is used for. Plus, regulations are coming down on them, such as GDPR, forcing them to act now. You can access all this information without having to leave Search. On the mobile web experience, "Your data in Search" will be a persistent menu item on the home page as well as on results pages.

Tap "Your Data in Search".

Deleting your Google search history has, previously, been a bit of a pain.

Log into your Google account in the Chrome. If the user in not comfortable sharing it with Google as well, these now easily accessible controls can be used to turn of sharing activity, search history, and more, easily. Google will be bringing the same tools to search on iOS and Android in the days to come. The company plans to introduce the function within Google Maps next year, then other Google applications after that.

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