Google Pixel 3 XL 128GB Specifications

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Google has managed to use software tricks to compensate for all of the features enabled by dual-lens cameras on other phones.

B8ta locations seem to be retailing's latest flavor, located in all the places you would imagine - New York, Chicago, Santa Monica, Seattle, San Francisco - and a few other big cities. This app includes some of the technology meant to make the Google Pixel 3 the most elite camera smartphone in the world.

You can preorder both the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL now from Google Store or from selected retailers like Carphone Warehouse, O2, Vodafone and others.

After days weeks months of rumors, leaks, and a whole lot of hype, the Pixel 3 is finally here. The launch event of Google was able to surprise many audiences. Google also rolled out a new device called Home Hub that couples a small display screen with an Internet-connected speaker.

Samsung is presumed to be planning the release of its Galaxy S10 flagship for the start of next year that could once again be the first to show off a new Snapdragon platform. So, if you don't like the notch on your Pixel 3XL, you can now hide it. Hope this guide helped you out. It has some cool features like and for $149, it is flawless place in the mus have impulse buy arena or as a great gift for someone else. As a journalist for Island Mirror, Anders mostly covers national news. The Messages app would run on any Google OS, not only Android. It is an attractive device and looks good for work or entertainment. The base model is $599, but the separate keyboard and Google Pen tool, will close you an extra $199 and $99, bringing this around $900 before taxes. The update of camera app already available for previous Pixel devices.

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Without a contract, the Pixel 3 XL costs $1,399 (64GB) and $1,549 (128GB), while the Pixel 3 costs $1,249 (64GB) and $1,399 (128GB). However, the difference in screen size should yield around the same performance.

This time around there are three different colours to choose from, there is the usual Just Black and Clearly White but a new colour called "Not Pink" which is pink but just a very toned down colour.

Buy a Google product today and you'll be hooked into the ecosystem long-term.
Pixel 3 comes with 5.5-inch OLED display with 1080×2160 pixels resolution while the Pixel 3 XL features 6.3-inch OLED display with 1440×2960 pixels resolution.

As expected the Pixel 3 doesn't sport a headphone jack and you need to rely on USB-C for your music and charging needs.

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