Red Dead Redemption 2's Download Time, Goodness

Red Dead Redemption 2 app hits iOS and Android this week

Red Dead Redemption 2 companion app to be launched on October 26

Also found within the files is the mention of the Rockstar Editor, a feature many fans have been requesting and badgering Rockstar Games about in the build-up to Red Dead Redemption 2's release, as well as since it hit on Friday.

However, traveling everyone on horseback can ultimately be quite tedious.

In the meantime, I would like to know if/how all of you are going to maintain public pressure to change this practice and maintain focus upon it?

And now it's been confirmed that Red Dead Redemption 2 has its own cheats system, courtesy of Rockstar Games. Once you unlocked the Fast Travel Map, you can easily travel from your tent to any town that you already discovered.

RDR2's digital game manual
RDR2's digital game manual

In Chapter 2 of the main story, the ledger will give you the option to buy the Dutch's lodgings.

You can use the app to read the journal of the game's new hero, Arthur Morgan. This upgrade isn't cheap, however, coming in at a whopping $325.

However, we don't suggest you fast travel all the time. It's not exactly an immediate teleportation from one point to another, but it's certainly quicker than riding there yourself. From the menu you can press Y/Triangle again to enter a cheat. If you're struggling for wins, use the in-game rulebook for advice on domino tips and strategis for securing a victory. With the cinematic camera enabled, your horse will follow the road towards a designated waypoint. You can compete in rounds of dominoes with gangmates back at home camp, which is the best place to finish this challenge as the entry fee is only a single dollar.

Searching for the Red Dead Redemption 2 Companion App download through your device's chosen app store might not be the best idea given the infancy of the real deal and the swathe of potentially malicious apps looking to infiltrate your phone.

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