The Republican Club Painting: Best Twitter Reactions & Memes

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Thomas knew Trump had received the painting as a gift - from a Republican congressman who was already a fan of the artist - because the president had recently called him to congratulate him.

United States President Donald Trump on Saturday said he wants only people with merit to enter the country. The room, where the artwork titled "The Republican Club" was spotted, features a large pile of official-looking documents, a remote, a telephone and a large glass jar of Starburst. Reagan and Nixon are trading glances, and George H.W. Bush looks on.

It soon sparked social media mockery.

Thomas has previously produced a series of paintings showing groups of Democratic presidents and groups of Republican presidents playing poker and pool, or sitting around a table.

Others were just left in awe that such a thing was hanging in the White House.

Another replaced all of the president's faces with Trump's own face, where another threw in the faces of several accused dictators.

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Trump increased US troop totals in Afghanistan by about 4,000 previous year.

Trump caught wind of the painting and called up the artist personally to ask for a print.

In both the Republican and Democratic versions, there's a vague rendering of a woman in the background, a nod to a potential first female American president.

"The comments a moment ago that Larry Kudlow made are so irresponsible, so unsafe that it's just hard to believe that a leading government official could make them", Sanders told host George Stephanopoulos after Kudlow - a fervent climate denier - accused the United Nations of overestimating the severity of the climate crisis.

Others digitally altered images of other protagonists like North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Trump supporter and rapper Kanye West or Russian President Vladimir Putin onto some of the other presidents' heads. "I mean, it's a challenge", he said.

Trump also attacked Michael Cohen during his chat with the AP by saying he was "a PR person who did small legal work", and said it was "very sad" that Cohen had struck a deal to "achieve a lighter sentence". "There's some bad ones out there".

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