Boeing issues advice over sensors after Indonesia crash

Rusdi Kirana

Rusdi Kirana

Lion Air president director Edward Sirait said the carrier hadn't yet received any bulletins from Boeing.

So far, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, which certificated the 737 Max, hasn't taken any steps to require inspections of the plane.

Flight JT610 sped up as it suddenly lost altitude and then vanished from radar 12 minutes after takeoff, with witnesses saying the single-aisle jet plunged into the water.

"Lion Air said the problem was fixed, is it true the problem was cleared?" said Bambang Sukandar, whose son was on the flight.

"This is not an unimportant thing. Hopefully with the remaining time we can search until the 10th day", a visibly emotional Syaugi said, as he choked and struggled to hold back his tears.

A sister of Hizkia Jorry Saroinsong, a passenger on the ill-fated Lion Air flight, carries her brother's portrait during his funeral.

After the meeting, Kirana swiftly fled, avoiding questions from reporters. He stood up, but did not comment and clasped his hands together as if seeking forgiveness. Its aircraft have been involved in at least 15 safety incidents and it has been placed under tougher worldwide safety restrictions than other Indonesian airlines.

The Southeast Asian country's National Transportation Safety Committee, which is charged with finding the cause of the crash that killed 189 people, is collecting data on what happened during the three prior malfunctions and the flight crew's actions prior to the accident, it said in a statement Monday.

An artist's conception shows the Boeing 737 MAX 8 jet.

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The search effort has involved 151 divers, five helicopters, 61 ships, ranging from fishing boats to ships with advanced sonar scanners, as well as underwater drones.

Problems with the plane's last flight before the crash, from Denpasar on Bali to Jakarta, were widely reported.

Attendees gathered on the deck of a ship and prayed for the victims of crashed Lion Air flight JT-610 at the site of the disaster, off the coast of Tanjung Pakis in West Java.

But the National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC) said Monday that the black box data showed the plane had an air speed indicator issue on at least two other earlier flights.

Divers have pulled the plane's flight data recorder from the water, but are still hunting for the cockpit voice recorder- a key device that could provide clues to what caused the nearly brand-new plane to plunge into the sea.

At the meeting, Mr Soerjanto said information downloaded from the flight data recorder was consistent with reports the plane's speed and altitude were erratic.

Among the larger parts of the plane found have been a mangled engine and a damaged aircraft wheel.

Police medical experts have received almost 140 body bags of human remains and have identified 14 victims.

He said, "The plane was intact when it plunged to the sea, it did not explode in the air, and the aircraft engine was running when it touched the water at high RPM - it's marked by the loss of all blades of the turbine".

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