Green Wave: Marijuana Initiatives Go Three for Four in Midterms

Marijuana legalization on the ballot in four states

Michigan Voters Legalize Marijuana

That makes Michigan's household marijuana cultivation law the least strict out of all of the states.

At some point, Congress will have to officially recognize what's going on by reconciling federal law, which still prohibits marijuana in any form for any objective, with state laws that tolerate medical or recreational use.

It will come with a 10% tax, and will only be available to people ages 21 and older.

Missouri voted on three separate initiatives on pot; each one deals with how medical marijuana would be taxed, but Missouri voters had to decide which plan to go with.

Voters in Utah and Missouri will consider whether to approve the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Nevada voted to exempt feminine hygiene products from state and local sales taxes. Although North Dakota won't be legalizing recreational marijuana this midterm election season, cannabis companies in the United States and Canada rallied on new market opportunities in MI and what appears to be a shift in public perception about the drug.

"Now that more than 30 states have enacted comprehensive medical marijuana laws, it is time for Congress to step up and address the issue at the federal level".

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Measures legalizing recreational marijuana are being considered during the midterm elections by voters in MI and North Dakota, potentially adding either to the list of nine states with similar laws now in place.

MI residents over 21 years old will soon be able to buy, possess, use, and grow marijuana.

MI became the first Midwestern state to legalize recreational marijuana, and the 10th state overall to do so, with both CNN and NBC reporting that the state had passed Proposal 1.

Adult recreational users of weed will be able to use it legally in another state. Heidi Heitkamp (D) was strong enough to overwhelm the Measure 3 legalization initiative.

According to Cowen Research Group, four states in particular look to have ample runway to legalize cannabis as they now have a Democratic Governor and support from either the state's House and/or Senate. He says it will ultimately be up to them, but he's hoping to get most to opt out.

Amendment 2 was passed with a margin of 66 percent to 34 percent. I was on a drug policy panel with Rohrabacher last week at Reason's 50th anniversary celebration, and he seemed confident that President Trump, who has repeatedly said states should be free to set their own marijuana policies, is prepared to sign that bill or something similar.

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