Midterm election results: Democrats can not do anything in House until THIS happens

Minorities LGBT make history in 2018 midterms

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Some of the data about this year's crop of voters is similar to what we've seen in past contests, but there are some trends that should give both Republicans and Democrats cause for reflection. She said, "I'm the best person to go forward to unify, to negotiate".

Democrats will have around 229 seats in the 435-member House, while Republicans will hold 53 seats in the 100-member Senate, up from 51, according to projections by The New York Times.

In the House, Democrats made significant gains in Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey and NY.

In the Senate, Democrats were facing an uphill battle because they were defending 26 races, while just nine Republican seats were up for grabs.

They will have authority to request Trump's tax returns and subpoena power to obtain documents, emails and testimony. He even offered, perhaps sarcastically, to persuade Republican lawmakers to vote for her as speaker if some Democratic members refuse to support her.

That the Democrats took back the House is not a new phenomenon: the president's party tends to lose seats during a midterm.

The state's record-breaking turnout - almost 2.6 million voters cast ballots in Minnesota in the midterm election, according to the secretary of state's office - was centered in that region. But party strategists acknowledged that much work remains to be done in those Midwest battlegrounds. The 1994 Republican revolution was considered a referendum on Bill Clinton.

One of the Democrats who worked to elect new leaders to the House was Rep. Seth Moulton (D) of MA, an Iraq war veteran who has called for Pelosi to step aside.

The 2010 election results-even more than the 2014 polls-was voters expressing their dissatisfaction with Obama's policies, healthcare in particular.

But the party's supposed rising stars largely saw defeat.

"The Republican Party leadership of right now is out of touch with urban and suburban voters". Fifty-two percent of married voters chose Trump in 2016. However, though the turnout this time did not match 2016, turnout was high for a midterm.

Democrats have had their eye on other Sun Belt states in recent presidential elections, namely Georgia, Arizona and Texas.

The election was historic for different reasons. Approximately 114 million votes were cast in House races in 2018, compared to 83 million in 2014.

To conduct exit polls, an interviewer randomly and systematically asks voters after they cast their ballots.

GOP candidates also won races for attorney general, auditor, secretary of state and treasurer.

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Ayanna Pressley was elected as Massachusetts' first black congresswoman.

Also among them are the first two Native American women elected to the House - Democrats Sharice Davids of Kansas and Deb Haaland of New Mexico - and the first two Muslim-American women, Rhasida Tlaib of MI and Minnesota's Ilhan Oman.

Donald Trump came to the East Room of the White House with olive branch in hand, but it sometimes seemed like his fingers were crossed behind his back.

Mr Trump's threat to adopt a "warlike posture" in response to any probes of his presidency or personal finances angered rank-and-file Democrats, some of whom argued they should get "very aggressive".

Mr Nadler could also launch a probe into the Russian Federation meddling issue, preparing the ground for a possible impeachment motion against Mr Trump. Therefore, with the midterm gains for the other party, there is hope of maintaining a balance in the policy making scenario.

In Tuesday night's midterm election, Democrats won a majority of the seats in the House of Representatives.

Governor-elect Mike DeWine waves to supporters after speaking at the Ohio Republican Party event Tuesday in Columbus.

Sanders, who is considering another run at the Democratic nomination in 2020, has often derided the Trump as a fraud who lied to struggling Americans during his campaign. Which is usually the case (post-Cold War) whenever government is unified. Democrats also flipped two Texas House seats and came very close in several others.

As one Democrat put it: "We have not figured out Florida, which is a problem". Dems are on track to gain 11 House seats in these states including California, a state where the GOP didn't even have a Senate candidate on the statewide ballot this year.

"The economy is definitely going to be more vulnerable about a year from now", she said.

Now Democrats could lay bare alleged conflicts of interest, misuse of funds, and abuse of power by the president and his cabinet.

When another journalist tried to speak up in Acosta's defence, Trump told the second reporter: "I'm not a big fan of yours, either". However, once again, these states are proving they are the bell weathers. Tammy Baldwin held off a challenge from Republican Leah Vukmir, but her fellow Democrats Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota and Claire McCaskill of Missouri were defeated by their Republican opponents.

Democrats also captured governorships in Michigan, Illinois and Kansas.

"We need the money to build the wall, the whole wall, not pieces of it".

The author is a doctoral candidate at the School of International Studies, JNU.

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