Twitter deletes thousands of fake accounts

Twitter purged bot accounts that attempted to get voters to stay home

Twitter purged bot accounts that attempted to get voters to stay

Twitter has deleted an estimated 10,000 automated accounts that were posting messages discouraging people from taking part in next week's U.S. mid-term elections.

'We took action on the relevant accounts and their activity on Twitter, ' said the social network representative.

Twitter this week took down 10, 000 accounts encouraging voter suppression, Reuters revealed this week.

Twitter said that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) had brought the accounts to their attention.

Reuters even characterized it is an "early win" for the partisan group.

Conservatives and others on the right have accused Twitter and other social media companies of discriminating on the basis of political agenda, while those on the left have alleged that Russian Federation has been using "bot farms" to interfere in USA elections.

The Democrats, however, do not seem to fully trust Twitter's efforts and created what they called their own system for spotting malicious accounts using technology developed by the University of Indiana.

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The DCCC had faced flak in 2016 when it failed to check the propaganda unleashed against the then presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Twitter added such a similar reporting feature last week which allowed the users to report a specific tweet that they think is sent out by a bot. The accounts appeared to be domestic in origin, according to a person familiar with the matter. That group has been working to spot misinformation that may circulate about Democratic candidates.

One of the recent tweets that were plagued by the Democrats were messages to men.

Ahead of midterms, Twitter established communication channels for both major USA parties to report any suspicious activities but did not mention any complaints from Republicans.

Krikorian did not say whether the flagged posts were ultimately removed by Twitter.

Co-founder of RoBhat Labs Ash Bhat said: "We provide the DNC with reports about what we're seeing in terms of bot activity and where it's being amplified".

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