United States midterm elections: Polls open in key vote on Trump presidency

Rep. Barbara Comstock is vulnerable in her suburban DC district

Rep. Barbara Comstock is vulnerable in her suburban DC district

If Democrats are to do well, turnout will be key and they will need to mobilise their base in the same way Mr Trump rallied support two years ago. Even with the U.S. economy largely humming along, and Republican candidates desperate for Trump to highlight the gains, the president himself often prefers to rile up a crowd over immigration.

"I look forward to seeing what happens, because something is going on", the president said in Cleveland. "That's what the American voters are going to deliver their verdict on".

All 435 seats in the USA house of representatives are up for re-election. The Republicans now dominate both the House of Representatives and Senate. "I want a free trade environment where we actually cannot only have good relationships tradewise with our friends but stand up to China", Scalise said.

'There are so many people in the House, ' Trump vented Sunday, saying he had focused his efforts on the Senate, in a move observers took as a step at managing expectations and avoiding blame. But all of them will show whether the collective frustration of college-educated voters - particularly women - as well as the anger of young and minority voters will serve as a check on Trump and the Republican lock on power in Washington.

Former U.S. president Barack Obama stumped for Indiana Sen.

Voting will begin on the east coast at 11pm AEST, with early voting figures showing a huge increase in turnout since the last midterm elections in 2014. It will also signify a shift from past cycles when they were reluctant to defend the ACA from Republican assaults because of its perceived unpopularity. Unlike many other news organizations, we have not put up a paywall.

Republicans are favoured to retain their slight majority in the U.S. Senate, now at two seats, which would let them retain the power to approve U.S. Supreme Court and other judicial nominations on straight party-line votes.

Sen. Chris Van Hollen, chairman of Senate Democrats' campaign committee, told CNN there's a "narrow path" to a majority.

"Everything I told you about, it can be undone and changed by the Democrats if they get in", Trump warned.

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While three-quarters of voters report being generally satisfied with the economy, Mr. Trump's combative style of leadership has combined with partisan rancor left over from the 2016 presidential election to keep his job-approval rating relatively low. For Republicans it was the No 3 priority behind immigration and the economy. Seven in Ten likely voters said they wanted to send a message to Donald Trump. The president's event in the the Buckeye state will be followed by rallies in IN and Missouri.

As the issue gained traction in the midterms campaign, Republicans furiously sought to backpedal by releasing numerous ads that claim they do want protections for pre-existing conditions after all.

Monday's agenda included Ohio, Indiana and a late-night stop in Missouri.

Since Trump's surprise November 2016 election, his family has faced criticism that its portfolio of real estate and consumer goods businesses, which lean heavily on the Trump name, conflicts with its Washington roles. "In a sense, I am on the ticket".

Tuesday's vote followed Trump's tumultuous first two years in the White House, during which he cracked down on immigration, introduced massive tax cuts and employed increasingly polarising rhetoric.

"It will also mean that the Democrats will have the power to conduct oversight and investigations of the Trump presidency, his campaign, and the man himself, in a way that may end up being politically damaging for the president", he said.

President Donald Trump touted some of his accomplishments regarding the economy and other topics in a new opinion piece published ahead of Tuesday's midterm elections.

The GOP has a 47-vote advantage in the House; the Democrats would need to win 24 seats to take control. "If you look at his final travel schedule the two things that stick out on your map is Florida and OH, not just because of Senate races but because of gubernatorial races". They are also poised to make history with a number of LGBT candidates and Muslims up and down the ballot.

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