What to look for in USA midterm polls today

COLORADO RESIDENTS vote in the US midterm elections last week

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Notably, Obama supported the Democratic candidates running in Florida and Georgia, the two states that have provided the most-watched gubernatorial races this year. Bob Corker (R-TN), who opted to not seek reelection.

He has a clear strategy: drive Republican turnout by painting a dark, apocalyptic vision of life in America under Democrats, while fanning fears over illegal immigration. Americans for Tax Reforms reports that at least 47 major companies have announced that their corporate tax cuts have allowed them to raise their workers' minimum wages to $15 per hour or higher.

All politics may be local, but this year President Trump is nationalizing them - and key close races across the nation tomorrow will serve as harbingers of the national political climate. Panelo, the son of a Mexican immigrant, said migrants shouldn't be demonised, but he stopped short of criticising the president, and plans to vote for Republican candidates who could help push Trump's agenda.

All of those close House races would have to tip Republicans' way, something that's very possible given the conservative lean of those districts and the distrust of the media, purposefully stoked by the president.

Trump has personally campaigned for DeSantis and has had harsh words for Gillum, considered by some to be a potential future star of the Democratic Party.

"They've racked up enough indictments to fill a football team", Obama scoffed.

Julie Hoeppner, a 67-year-old psychologist in IN, voted early for Republican candidates, also citing illegal immigration as a primary concern.

While a Democratic victory is far from guaranteed, the party has been viewed as a slight favorite to win the House on Election Day. Following the controversy surrounding the Senate confirmation of U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanuagh, the Generic Congressional Ballot was tied for two weeks, but then Democrats moved back ahead. "There is a lot of energy out there". For one thing, the USA economy is experiencing an unprecedented upswing.

Data from Nate Silver's 538 on Monday gave Democrats an 87.5% chance of taking control of the House with Republicans being given a similar 83.2% chance of retaining control of the Senate.

It found registered voters preferred Democratic candidates for the House over Republicans by 50 percent to 43 percent, but that was down from a 14-point advantage in August. Of that, 4.1 million are Democrats, nearly 3.3 million are Republicans and 1.2 million are independent or registered with a third-party. There are now 236 Republicans, 193 Democrats, and six vacancies.

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"You think we're letting that caravan come into this country?"

"Taxpayers are paying a fortune for the use of Air Force One on the campaign trail by President Obama and Crooked Hillary", Trump wrote in the tweet.

In Florida Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue on Saturday described the election as "cotton-pickin' important" - a term with overtones of slavery.

In speeches, he has transformed a dwindling group of a few thousand impoverished Central Americans trying to walk to the United States - though still hundreds of miles away - into a ferocious threat.

Trump has rallies scheduled in IN and Missouri later on Monday, before a late-night return to the White House.

On "Outnumbered" on Monday, Wallace said he has to "laugh a little bit" at the idea of touting Trump as the "savior" if the election ends up being split.

Republicans were leading in early voting turnout statewide by about 60,000 ballots, though Democrats were leading in urban areas.

"There's got to be consequences when people don't tell the truth, when words stop meaning anything".

But pro-Trump Republicans are eager to defy expectations, just as the president did with his 2016 victory.

"The only check right now on the behavior of these Republicans is you and your vote".

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